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our school is located at : 5123 La Sierra Ave.

Riverside, CA 92505

Our Curriculum: At Little Stars Montessori Pre-School, curriculum is based on the Philosophy and Methods developed by Dr. Maria Montessori. It is designed to engage students in a self- oriented impulse


The Montessori Method:

Dr. Maria Montessori recognized in children an innate curiosity & desire to learn. Her careful study and development of teaching materials and desire to learn and channeling the

child’ s natural curiosity into a vibrant and motivating learning experience. Montessori culture is heavily built on independence and respect - independence of thought and action, respect for self and others around, the environment, knowledge, and the world around us. . Our multi-sensory and sequential Montessori materials provide for independent and self – correcting learning. We have fully qualified Montessori/Pre-School teachers and the teacher serves as the facilitator of learning who sees that the curriculum and instructions are individualized and, are based on the interests, inner needs and developmental level of each child.

Dr. Montessori strongly believed that peace across the Nations could be achieved through education of children with an all round development.

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